Perfection is Perception

“ We don’t see the world as it is, but as we are” – Steven R Covey

To what extent do you design and live your life around the wishes of those around you? Think for a moment…how many decisions in your life are based purely on the opinions of others? How many of these decisions go against your own gut feelings, preferences or beliefs?

Is the way we see life not ultimately a result of our experiences, how we were influenced…the friends, teachers, parents we had, the books we have read? If this is true and we accept the fact that we all lead different lives with different experiences, then surely it would make sense that we would all have different perceptions on almost all things?

Why then do we allow other peoples’ perceptions or opinions of us, become our reality? What is perfect for me is merely my perception of what is perfection – based on my own life experiences and the same goes for you.

In their book, “The Art of Possibility”, Ben and Ross Zander say that “…it is all invented”. Most of the rules, limits, benchmarks and goals we find in life have at some stage been thought-up by someone…and if this is the case, then surely it can easily again be changed…for the better!

Our tendency to want to measure everything (and more specifically others) is “invented” by our own perceptions of what should be the norm.

This does not mean we should allow everything to become acceptable – there are certain fundamental principles and norms and values that form the basis of any well functioning civilisation and without these, there would certainly be chaos.


Accept the possibility that yours might not necessarily be the only “right” way …

I’d love to hear your thoughts on this


~ by Danie van den Berg on 05/02/2010.

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