New lenses, please!

I am very grateful to be able to see. Unfortunately my eyesight is not what it used to be. I used to have 20/20 vision as a child, but in my twenties, I realised that I needed to get assistance by means of glasses in order to see the world clearer.

Since then, every so often I would visit the optometrist to get an eye test to see whether the lenses in my glasses are still fit for my eyes and do in fact make me see an accurate picture that do not cause my eyes to strain. He then performs a certain amount of tests. To my great amazement, I often find that there are better perspectives available when he places different lenses on the machine – I though what I was seeing was accurate…the best picture of my reality!

By bringing these new lenses into my world, I now find that my assumptions were flawed…that there was a better, more accurate picture available…and all I needed was a different set of lenses! I was however ignorant of my problem.

This also seems to apply to my thought life. How often do I not mistakenly believe that the way I am seeing the world, is a perfect, true, accurate reflection of the world. In the meantime, I am blissfully unaware that my vision is actually blurred or distorted.

Sometimes I am aware that there is a problem with my vision, but I am not willing to do a reality check (eye test), not willing to opt for new lenses. How short-sighted! (Excuse the pun!)

Renowned motivation speaker and author, Anthony Robbins says that how you look at things, determines what you think, feel and do. He says that if you are willing to reframe things, your perspective will change and as a result you will see things in a new way.

Ben and Roz Zander writes in their book “The Art of Possibility” that everything is invented. All of our rules and measurement guidelines which we use to operate within and which we use to measure our progress and success, is essentially all someone’s invention. They say that since it is all invented, we have the choice to re-invent these boundaries, constraints and limitations that we operate within. We do this once again by putting a different “frame” around the situation at hand.

Ok, so now the challenge of putting theory into practice! What are you struggling with at the moment? Which different questions can you ask to put a different frame around your situation? Write down ten questions of how you can do view the situation in a different light. What opportunities are hidden in your current situation? What will you have learnt, once you successfully conclude the situation? Now that you’ve written down ten alternative “lenses” or “frames” , write down an action plan that will give you the desired outcome in line with your new perspective. Have your feelings and thought been changed because of the new lenses?

Now go and WORK THE PLAN! New lenses will only be beneficial, if you USE them.


~ by Daniel Berg on 17/03/2010.

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