Let’s turn the world blue!!!

Are your actions limited by what others think about you? In what way do you allow other peoples opinions to influence your thoughts and actions?

“Men are not against you; they are merely for themselves.” ~ Gene Fowler

This is such a revolutionary thought! This also implies that people (contrary than what you might think) don’t have you on the top of their minds all the time…. at all!

So relax a little! Stop worrying so much about what others think about you!

Get the right perspective about their view on your life, behaviour, actions… In other words, if people don’t think about you and rather about themselves and their own lives most of the time, who is in the better position to make decisions that significantly impact your own life…you or others ? Maybe this is the wrong question… Who has the biggest interest in a successful decision or outcome that affects your life?

You are the number one person of concern in your own life. Just as any other person’s “number one person of concern”, is themselves.

This is of course where all the trouble comes in…

Because we are self-centred beings, we tend to focus too much on ourselves and often to the detriment of those around us.

Ever heard of the phrase: “…love your neighbour as you love yourself…”? Wow!!! Wouldn’t this change the world! If we could constantly seek to help meet other peoples’ needs in the same way that we desire our own needs to be met.

Have you ever thought that if everyone did this, that there would probably be no poverty, hunger, orphans and no broken relationships? No war, divorce, rivalry, dictatorships, power struggles… If we considered others before we acted, spoke or made decisions that negatively affect those around us.


If every one of us just did the simple things… reported the pothole in the road, helped the old lady across the road, fed the hungry, smiled to the cashier at the shop, gave a sincere compliment to the security guard and looked for the good in others around us.

Just Imagine…

If we constantly strived to better ourselves and everything around us. If we picked up the litter lying next to the sidewalk as we walked past, fought for protecting the innocent and helpless, if we listened intently to each other instead of allowing our minds to wander, if we sought for the message and heart behind the words of others in our conversations…

I think it is time we take ownership and accountability of our little pieces of the world… What role are you playing in your slice of time in history…?

How are you making a difference in the world? What will your legacy be once you’re gone?

“No!” You might say…”you’re a dreamer. One person can never change the world!” Well, you might be right, one person can not, but each of us, collectively… CAN. Besides, no negative attitude has ever achieved anything of significant greatness.

I once read somewhere that if you dropped a single drop of blue ink into a bucket of water, the water will not colour blue. But eventually…if you persist…. one drop at a time…the whole bucket of water will eventually be turned completely blue!

What drops of “ink” are you dripping into your society… into the lives of those around you… in your lifetime?

Come-on! Let’s turn the world blue :-)

 “It is not what we get. But who we become, what we contribute… that gives meaning to our lives” ~ Anthony Robbins


~ by Danie van den Berg on 07/04/2010.

2 Responses to “Let’s turn the world blue!!!”

  1. Let’s do just that. I agree with your post but to do that requires more than those words. In my view two things, leadership and action.
    Your post is a message of leadership; leaders are the ones that are the visionaries. They see the future and they see if things are not part of that future, stumbling blocks. Therefore, to Turn the world blue, it requires leadership; someone sees a need for the world to be blue. In the messages and network of this leader, he/she continually communicates the need for the world to be blue. These networks and messages are supposed to motivate people into the second requirement, Action. But important, all must be pulling in the same direction. It won’t help if 10 people add 10 drops blue, but the other hundred still believes red is the way to go. It is the leadership that motivates people to go Blue.
    As people we are herd animals and we follow what the others are doing. To change the direction, requires the leadership and then the action will follow.
    About a year ago crime was very high in our area. So one day I had a thought. We as residents need to work together to take action against crime. I worked out all sorts of plans but just as I wanted to take action to mobilize my neighbours I realised that there was already a very successful and active Community policing forum going in our area or sector.
    I then joined the CPF in our sector. With great leadership and people taking action in the same direction, crime is down 55% in our area compared to a year ago. That is leadership in action!
    So yes I agree, each of us can make a difference but the results are way better when leadership and combined action is added to the equation.
    It is great to psych up a whole nation with great inspirational messages but it takes a great leader to share a vision and to get people to walk behind him/her.
    The author of this Blog started to share a message with people he knows, report traffic lights not working and potholes. I am one of his followers, and wherever I see a robot not working or traffic light out of order, I report it. Leadership and Action!

    • I agree 100% Hendrico. Maybe the point is that true leadership begins with self. We should stop being lazy in our thinking, our words and our ACTIONS. Don’t leave it for someone else to do…it might never happen. You are right — we should all be leaders! Check out what John Quincy Adams said: “If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you are a leader.”

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