What do you really want?

 Have you ever thought about this?

What do I really want?….mmmm…

“Sure I have! Its something I think about every single day! “

No. I’m not referring to pipedreams of what are you whishing for or what would be NICE to have…or the idealistic…”one day when my boat arrives…I would like to…”

You see, most people don’t ever get to this point. The point of defining what it is they personally really want. They are glaringly aware of what they do not want, but do not have a clue of what they personally truly want.

Failing this knowledge, they end-up going for what the crowd is content with…and end-up with average goals.

The problem is that human beings are far from average, we are each and everyone of us, amazingly unique and special. With our own very unique personalities, thoughts, quirks, gifts, talents, ambitions, likes and dislikes.

The one-size-fits-all approach will never “fit” a hundred percent, because it was never meant to fit.

You are meant to tailor make yourself a life that you have been created for.

Let’s make it simple.

What do you want from each of the following areas:

1. Life

Why are you here? What is your purpose?

Is this too personal?

You don’t have to answer me…just think about this for a minute… If you were to die tomorrow…what would happen to you? What would happen to your family, what would you have left behind? Would the world notice?

Is the world a better place because of your contribution while you were here?

I reckon most people spend more time asking questions about where they want to go on holiday, compared to what their life’s purpose is.

2. Faith

What do you believe in? Who do you put your trust in. Do you believe we are all just random accidents in a senseless nothingness…wasting time here waiting for ….nothing…?

What do you do in line with your Faith? Do your deeds back-up your words of faith? If you truly believe in certain things, what are you doing to act in line with those beliefs?

3. Family

Is family something that’s important to you? Interesting to think that one day when you might be sick or old, it is not your career or job or business that will take care of you…it is your family.

What place are they getting in terms of your time, your effort, your attention ?

4. Relationships

Life is actually all about relationships. When you look at the very core of it. That is it. How you relate with those around you , determines the quality of your life.

The next important question is, who are you choosing to spend your time with. Remember that you tend become like those that you surround yourself with most of the time. Choose carefully.

5. Finances

Do you have a plan for your financial future? Why not?

Remember…if you don’t have a plan for your finances, others will give you a plan for what to do with your money. The only problem with that, is that that plan will most probably be more in their interest than in your own.

Start with the end in mind, creating a cash flow of what you’ll need to live on and look at creating assets that generate cash flow to get you there. There are numerous risk-free strategies available to the average man on street, IF you are willing to work hard, be teachable and have an open mind about it.

6. Health

Health is obviously a blessing and you should never take it for granted. There are many ways that you can significantly reduce your chances of becoming sick, but it all boils down to living a healthy lifestyle.

So why not create a plan of healthy eating, exercising and sleeping patterns?

7. Giving

Ever heard of the concept of sowing and reaping? (2 Corinthians 9:6 “…he that sows sparingly will also reap sparingly; and he that sows bountifully will also reap bountifully” ) Nowadays they’ve “rebranded” this into a so-called secret. (What you give will come back to you. )

The principle however, is to give out of the right mind frame. Giving without expecting to receive back. Giving because of being thankful for having something to give. Giving out of abundance. Giving to make the world better. Giving because you can. Giving without any reasons. Giving without even being asked to give. Giving where its necessary to give.

You know the whole of nature is based on the laws of abundant giving….Plant an apple seed and you reap a tree with hundreds of apples and thousands of seeds. There’s no selfishness, provided that the proper nurturing and committed work is invested in getting the tree to the stage where it can produce its fruit.

What plan for giving do you have in place?

To make the world better. To leave something behind?

Get a plan:

It has been said that “a fool with a plan, can outsmart a genius with no plan” – T. Boone Pickens. If this is true, it means that it is ALWAYS better to have a plan. I have certainly found it gives me a lot more confidence to work with a plan, compared to without one!

So use the following as a draft plan and then adapt it and START with your plan:

1. Define only ONE clear goal 10 years from today, for each of the following areas of your life: a. Life b. Faith c. Family d. Relationships e. Finances f. Health g. Giving Picture yourself at your funeral. What would you want people to say about you and your life? Write this down! If you don’t have it in writing, you will forget it! A plan that is not in writing, is not a plan! So there you have 7 goals for the next 10 years. Simple enough. What next?

2. Write down three simple actions (steps) that you can do to achieve each of these goals. As you start asking yourself these questions, you might be surprised to find that you end-up with more and more ideas. Write them down. The important thing is to focus on what you want.

3. Write down WHY it is important for you to achieve this. You need to create leverage in your mind as to why you’ll need to do some actions to start changing your life.

4. Schedule one of these actions for each of the 7 areas mentioned above into your Calendar. Yes…enter it in as an appointment. With a date and place! If it is important to you, you need to create the time to work at it.

5. DO IT!!!!  Take Action! This is the master secret of all successful people. They take action … regularly, consistently…until the job is done.

6. Read your goals DAILY and check your progress against them.

Great start!!!

Now ask…again…

Is THIS what I really want?


~ by Daniel Berg on 07/09/2010.

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