The Crevice…

“Men build too many walls and not enough bridges.” ~ Isaac Newton

There was once a huge Crevice. At the top of the one side of the Crevice, there was a small number of people. These people had ample nutritional food, drove reliable cars, lived in decent homes, had access to good healthcare facilities and had opportunities and access to education and decent jobs. They had hope for the future and they had options in life. They were known as the HAVES.

On the top of the other side of the Crevice, there were an immense amount of people. Too many to count. These people were mostly uneducated, illiterate, hungry and some were even sick. They were struggling to make a living and the only jobs they could find were part-time, low-paying jobs, insufficient to meet their everyday basic needs. Their outlook on life was dark and negative. They felt as if they had been deserted, had no hope for the future and that there was nothing that they could do about it. Sometimes they demanded..they figured if they shouted loud enough that the HAVES would hear them across the vast Crevice and respond to them…they did not believe that having or gaining a better future was in their control. This huge group of people were known as the HAVE NOTS.

This was shaky times. The ground was not stable at all…The Crevice appeared to be getting bigger and bigger. Some of the HAVE NOTS were trying to cross the Crevice towards the HAVES, and a few even succeeded, but many did not make it. Some of the HAVES attempted to reach out and bring across some HAVE NOTS, but this did not always work either.

The HAVE NOTS were becoming more and more… and the Crevice seemed to be growing daily. The bigger the Crevice becomes, the more the FEAR started to grow. The story has been told of how…when the Crevice got to a certain size, the FEAR would appear from under the earth and devour EVERYONE. Everyone knew of this warning, most decided to ignore it.

The Crevice got bigger daily. The FEAR steadily came closer to the surface…

Finally it dawned on the HAVES and HAVE NOTS… Salvation will only arrive if they took hands and worked together. They would start building bridges. Many bridges. BUT, these bridges would be built from both sides.

They would be built from the side of the HAVES with resources, willingness to help, empathy, love, understanding and patience. They would be built from the side of the HAVE NOTS with willingness to change, hard work, obtaining new skills, gratitude and commitment. These bridges could not be built from one side only. This had been tried before and failed. No…they have to be built from both sides, in order to meet in the middle.

It was not easy. It did not happen overnight. But they started. They had a common vision. They persisted. Day by day they worked together. The bridges started taking shape. And then something strange started happening…they stared to change.They became less aware of their differences…they were able to work together more easily…they became friends…and the Crevice stopped getting bigger…

Once built, these bridges became portals to better living. Better understanding. A better future.

Some of these people still had more than others. This did not seem to matter that much anymore. But everyone had something. The Crevice was not growing anymore. They were ALL proud of what they BECAME in order to get what they now had. Everyone had HOPE for the future.

The Crevice started shrinking…and the FEAR started dying.–-by-japie-erasmus/


~ by Daniel Berg on 17/11/2010.

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