The world is SLOWLY changing at a FAST pace…

At present so many things are changing. As a resident of South-Africa (an ever changing and ultra complex society) I am fairly used to change. In fact, I was born into an era of change…political, social, technological, social…just being aware of all the changes is impossible, never mind trying to cope with all of them!

The speed at which we are living, is also increasing at a tremendous rate. With every new breakthrough in technology, we somehow find a way to fill the gap of extra time created, with something else and end up more tired and stressed-out than before the “breakthrough”

Ever heard of SLOW movements?

Slow is the new fast. In essence to slow down, is to speed up.


In essence these slow movements protest against the fast pace at which we live…you now get slow food, slow travel, slow design, slow shopping, slow gardening, slow money, slow parenting, etc. These movements are an attempt to slow down life’s frantic pace and aim at enjoying life IN the moment.

Living ‘in the moment’ is still important…isn’t it? Are you still enjoying the sun on your face, the smell of the rain, the laughter of children, the taste of your favourite dish, the soft touch of your wife’s hand?


Are you chasing from one meeting to the next, waiting impatiently in rows, watching the clock, rushing along, fearing the deadlines…waiting for your weekend/holiday/retirement… when you’ll be able to ‘savour the moment’?

I think that this forces all of us to literally slow down and to continually assess. Assess what we believe, who we are, IF and HOW all the information crossing our paths affect us. Without a framework…a personal philosophy…a value system against which to make all of these decisions and assessments, one would probably either just be swept along into the ever increasing current of life leading into probable burnout or choose to try and ignore everything at your own peril.

The way I try to cope, is to filter a lot. I am being bombarded everyday from all sides. Part of my survival lies in filtering. Why waste hours every week listening to, reading, watching things that do not add value, but rather sap my already over-taxed energy even more? Jim Rohn once mentioned that you can also find a crust of bread in a garbage can, if you search long enough, but there is a better way…

During my student years, I had the privilege to travel through Scotland with a few friends. One of them used to stop dead in her tracks every so often when we came to a beautiful place. She’d lift her head towards the sky, close her eyes while breathing in deeply…and then she’d say: “Guys…ABSORB!”

She’s taught me a valuable lesson, that I often forget…Remember to every so often…


So my stance is that he way we are living is speeding up instead of us slowing down amidst the increasing pace…or is it just me? QUESTION to you: How are you finding ways to “slow down”, absorb, cope…in this time we’re living in? (Please submit your comments below)

“Adopt the pace of nature: her secret is patience” ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson


~ by Daniel Berg on 25/01/2011.

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