Childrens Book – aimed at teaching young children basic principles

Many of the principles discussed in this blog do of course also apply to children and its important to discuss and teach life principles to children from a young age, in order to equip them for the life ahead…

I’m very excited about telling you about a childrens book that I wrote a while ago.  It is aimed at children between  the ages of 2 and 8 and would be an ideal gift for parents of children in this age group. The illustrations keep the children captivated while they are able to listen to a parent or grandparent read them the story (and relay the core message) in a way that makes sense to them. Children starting to read also find the book easy to read, since the words are familiar to them and they can relate to the lessons that Ollie is faced with in each chapter.


This book has been written as a means for parents to relay certain life principles to their children in a simple and understandable manner. In the increasingly fast paced world that we live in, it is now more important than ever before that parents demonstrate their love to their children by saying it to them and by talking to them about the important things in life. I hope that this book will assist you in helping to explain some of life’s core principles.

The English version of the Book (eBook or hard copy) can be ordered from Amazon:


There is also an Afrikaans version available from the following sites: 


~ by Daniel Berg on 13/01/2013.

2 Responses to “Childrens Book – aimed at teaching young children basic principles”

  1. Dags�, Danie.

    Die boek gekoop en kan nie wag om dit vir Dewald te laat lees nie. Hy’s nou 8 en dit sal lekker wees om saam hom dit te doen! Lekker dag, hoor! BiG-G

    On 13 January 2013 14:14, Thebergsblog’s Blog

    • Hi Gerhard. Bly om te hoor! Hy’s dalk aan die top end vd target audience, maar hopelik sal die lessie agter die storie kan lei tot n interessante gesprek. Groete!

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