Why the world needs heroes…

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This morning when I woke up, I learnt that Nelson Mandela had passed away. As a white, Afrikaner South-African, I had grown up during apartheid, had witnessed the transition into democracy and had witnessed the way in which a country on the verge of anarchy, war and fear was able to move towards a peace, collaboration, stability and growth.

All of this miraculous transition is only due to our almighty God’s incredible grace and mercy. But God uses people to do His work on earth and I believe that if people say “no” to God, we prevent His Will and His miracles from happening.

When listening to the many tributes on the radio this morning on my way to work, it struck me that Mandela was an ordinary man, who did not say “no” to God’s whispers. He seemed to be able to rise above situations, keep the long-term vision in sight, while probably disregarding his own personal feelings. Many instances were told where he calmed people down during tense moments, filled with vengeful thoughts and emotions. He had the ability to forgive, to try to understand others, to lead and to inspire.

Our country seems quite shocked at hearing the news of his imminent death. At an age of 95 everyone probably expected this, after his long sickbed, but I think we are actually mourning the loss of an ordinary man- hero.

The reality is that we need heroes. I don’t mean flying, supernaturally strong, square-jawed guys with capes and perfect teeth. I mean everyday human beings who are able to inspire, love, live as role-models and leave a legacy. We need leaders. Not necessarily with official titles, but normal, ordinary people in society who lead us, who serve as examples of how we should live and how we could be. Who think differently. Who are not afraid to speak out against what’s wrong in the world. Who are willing to change things that are not right.

Let the legacy of Nelson Mandela teach us to become the heroes that we can be. Making a difference in each of our own small corners of the world. To make a difference, to leave a legacy. To listen to the whispers of God….and to obey them!


Childrens Book – aimed at teaching young children basic principles

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Many of the principles discussed in this blog do of course also apply to children and its important to discuss and teach life principles to children from a young age, in order to equip them for the life ahead…

I’m very excited about telling you about a childrens book that I wrote a while ago.  It is aimed at children between  the ages of 2 and 8 and would be an ideal gift for parents of children in this age group. The illustrations keep the children captivated while they are able to listen to a parent or grandparent read them the story (and relay the core message) in a way that makes sense to them. Children starting to read also find the book easy to read, since the words are familiar to them and they can relate to the lessons that Ollie is faced with in each chapter.


This book has been written as a means for parents to relay certain life principles to their children in a simple and understandable manner. In the increasingly fast paced world that we live in, it is now more important than ever before that parents demonstrate their love to their children by saying it to them and by talking to them about the important things in life. I hope that this book will assist you in helping to explain some of life’s core principles.

The English version of the Book (eBook or hard copy) can be ordered from Amazon:



There is also an Afrikaans version available from the following sites:


The simple things in life…

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I’ve heard it said that: “Everything should be made as simple as possible, but not simpler” that “Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication” and that “Nothing is more simple than greatness; indeed, to be simple is to be great

Now, amazingly enough it took the minds of an Einstein, a Da Vinci and an Emerson to say these things. It makes you wonder why everyone does not know this intuitively? I mean, do you really need to be of Genius-calibre before you realise something this “simple ”?! Continue reading ‘The simple things in life…’

Getting Un”stuck”

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So….what do you do when you feel as if your thoughts are pulling you downwards into a dark black hole? I am
not even talking about depression. Just simply lack of motivation, general lack of enthusiasm, the seeming
inability to see the silver lining around the dark cloud? Continue reading ‘Getting Un”stuck”’

The world is SLOWLY changing at a FAST pace…

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At present so many things are changing. As a resident of South-Africa (an ever changing and ultra complex society) I am fairly used to change. In fact, I was born into an era of change…political, social, technological, social…just being aware of all the changes is impossible, never mind trying to cope with all of them! Continue reading ‘The world is SLOWLY changing at a FAST pace…’

The Crevice…

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“Men build too many walls and not enough bridges.” ~ Isaac Newton

There was once a huge Crevice. At the top of the one side of the Crevice, there was a small number of people. These people had ample nutritional food, drove reliable cars, lived in decent homes, had access to good healthcare facilities and had opportunities and access to education and decent jobs. They had hope for the future and they had options in life. They were known as the HAVES. Continue reading ‘The Crevice…’

Proposal for a self sustaining community farms – by Japie Erasmus

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1 Introduction

Africa has a huge problem with unemployment. This leads to poverty and squatter camps where people struggle to survive. Socialism failed to deliver on its promise that all will have enough to eat and a place to live. Instead it led to dictatorships. Capitalism brings riches to some but leave millions in poverty. Neither of these systems is perfect. The worst thing that can happen is that someone develop yet another ideology that ends in disaster after one or two generations. Continue reading ‘Proposal for a self sustaining community farms – by Japie Erasmus’